About Professor Anatoly Pilipenko

Anatoly Pilipenko is an outstanding scientist, pedagogue, academician of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Chemistry, Professor, honoured worker of science and technology of Ukraine, laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine.
Anatoly Pilipenko was born May 3, 1914, in Kyrylivka (now Shevchenkovo), Cherkaska Oblast. In 1931 he entered Chemistry Department of Kyiv Industrial (now Polytechnic) Institute, where, after completing the postgraduate studentship at the Chair of Analytical Chemistry, he defended his thesis in 1939.
Since 1944 Anatoly Pilipenko is Associate Professor of the Chair of Analytical Chemistry, Taras Shevchenko State University of Kyiv. In 1960 he defended his doctoral dissertation on "The application of sulfur-containing organic reagents in the analysis" successfully. In 1960-1968 years Anatoly Pilipenko was thrice elected as a dean of Chemistry Department of State University of Kyiv, acted as a Pro-Rector of Educational work, headed the Chair of Chemistry and Analysis of Rare Elements. Since 1968 A. Pilipenko headed the section of Analytical Chemistry in Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry. During 1975-1988 he was the director of the Institute of Colloid Chemistry and Water Chemistry. In 1976 Anatoly Pilipenko was elected as an academician of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
Following his teachers, the scientists of world-wide reputation – M. Tananaev and A. Babko, Anatoly Pilipenko contributed to the development of analytical chemistry greatly. Under his supervision photometric, chemiluminescent, kinetic, electrochemical, chromatographic, atomic absorption, NMR- and EPR-spectroscopic methods of analysis developed. 
He paid special attention to scientific and organizational work in the field of protection and rational use of water resources and to the development of the methods of environmental analysis.
Anatoly Pilipenko was the founder and the editor-in-chief of Journal of Water Chemistry and Technology, a member of the editorial boards of the Ukrainian Chemistry Journal and Journal of Analytical Chemistry, an organizer of many scientific conferences and congresses, including the Soviet-Japanese symposium on Analytical Chemistry .
He published over 1000 of scientific papers, 19 monographs, textbooks and reference books. Thus, "Colorimetric Analysis" (co-authored by A. Babko) was translated into Hungarian, Chinese and Polish. "Photometric analysis. General information and equipment" was translated into English, Polish, Chinese and Vietnamese. "Analytical Chemistry" (co-authored by F. Zharovskiy and I. Piatnycky) was awarded the State Prize of Ukraine.
Under the supervision of Prof. Pilipenko 69 candidate and 5 doctoral theses were defended. His numerous students are working now not only in Ukraine but also in Bulgaria, Poland, Vietnam, Korea, India and other countries.
Anatoly Pilipenko was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labour, the Order of the Badge of Honor and many medals; he was entitled as honoured worker of science and technology.