About conference

“Kyiv Conference on Analytical Chemistry. Modern Trends” was established in 2014 as annual international conference. It was devoted to 100th anniversary of outstanding analytical chemist, academician A.T. Pilipenko and to 110th anniversary of founder of Kyiv school of analytical chemists academician A. K. Babko, in 2014 and 2015, respectively. The conference is organized by Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine).

National University of Kyiv has a long tradition in analytical chemistry. Chair of Analytical Chemistry was one of 4 chairs organized in the Chemistry Department in 1933. In 1934 A. Babko founded research school "Chemistry of complex compounds and their use in the analysis".

The significant milestones in the development of school were associated with scientific practice of his student – A. Pilipenko, who headed the Chair of Chemistry and Analysis of Rare Elementssince 1971. In 1990 the Chair was combined with the Chair of Analytical Chemistry.

Nowadays scientific currents of modern analytical chemistry are being developed: the investigation of protolytic, chelating, optical and electrochemical properties of new analytical reagents in the solution and on the surface of sorbents of different nature; the elaboration, investigation and application of solid-phase chromophore and fluorescent analytical reagents, micellar systems based on organic macromolecules, including surfactants, calixarenes, dendrimers; development of fluorescent probes for solving ecological, biochemical and medical problems;the development of adsorbents and nanomaterials for separation, pre-concentration and detection of ecotoxicants, of selective membranes for optical and amperometric sensors;combined and hybrid methods of analysis, methods of micellar extraction of microcomponents; development of simple, low-cost and express test methods, specifically with visual detection, for monitoring of environment and for medical diagnosis.